• What do I need to rent a car in Uruguay?

    You must be between 23 and 75 years old, have a valid driver's license (from any country), a passport and acredit card.

  • What if my driver's license is from another country?

    Our company, as well as National and State authorities, accept driving licenses from the visitor's country of origin.

    An international driver's license is not required.

  • Do I need an International driving license to drive a car in Uruguay?

    Our company, as well as National and State authorities, accept driving licenses from the visitor's country of origin.

  • What is the minimum rental period?

    The minimum rental period is 24 hours. Splitting that rate is not possible.

  • What is included in the rate?

    Our rates include insurance, country-wide on route mechanical emergency services and the possibility of authorizing up to 3 drivers. Rentals of 3 days or more include unlimited kilometers.

    You must leave a warranty deposit.

    Taxes are already included in our rates.

  • Which optionals are available?

    additional coverage (price varies depending on the vehicle you choose).
    - baby seat (USD 3 per day),
    - additional driver (one-time charge of USD 10).

    Promotional discounts are applied only to basic rates, not to optionals.

  • Do I have any insurance?
    The insurance includes the maximum third-party liability coverage provided by the BSE, and covers damage on the rented vehicle that surpasses the warranty deposit.
    • The insurance included in all our rates has the following characteristics:
    • Damage on the rented vehicle.
      The renter will not have to pay for any physical damage or malfunction on the rented vehicle that surpasses the warranty deposit, even if he/she is responsible.
    • Fire.
      Full coverage of the rented vehicle. Goods affected by the fire are not covered, neither in nor out the vehicle.
    • Theft.
      Full coverage of the rented vehicle, except when made by the renter, any authorized driver, or any of his relatives. It does not cover the radio, clock, accessories or any goods inside the vehicle.
    • IMPORTANT: Both renter and authorized drivers must take proper care of the vehicle. For example, it should not be left on the streets at night, or they may be liable for damages on Multicar's property.
    • For most of our vehicles you may buy an additional coverage that exempts you from paying the warranty deposit.
    • IMPORTANT: You must leave a minimum deposit to cover possible transit fines, extensions of the rental period (requested by phone or e-mail, not visiting one of our agencies) or radio theft. It must be payed with a credit card, leaving a voucher that will be returned to you at the end of your rental.
    • The insurance includes the maximum third-party liability coverage.
  • My "gold" credit card covers the insurance?

    Car rental companies (in Uruguay or elsewhere) do not have a say on these kind of benefits. They are based on agreements between the credit card's issuing bank and the insurance companies.

    All cases are different, as even if within the U.S.A. the main car rental companies work with the insurance companies that have agreements with the issuing banks, in other countries that may not be the case.

    Before traveling to Uruguay, it is best to consult with your credit card's issuing bank about the existing agreements with locally operated companies.

  • What is the warranty deposit and how much is it?

    The warranty deposit sets your maximum liability in case of an accident, provided that you comply with the Uruguayan rules of transit. Any amount of money that exceedes the warranty deposit will be paid by the insurance company.

    The exact amount is detailed at the "Terms and Conditions" of each vehicle.

    IMPORTANT: It must be payed with a credit card, leaving a voucher that will be returned to you at the end of your rental.

  • What taxes do I have to pay?

    The VAT (Value Added Tax) is the only tax you will have to pay. In Uruguay it's set at 22%. This amount is already included in our rates.

  • Can I pay with a credit card?

    Yes. We accept American Express, Anda, Cabal, Diners Club, MasterCard, OCA, Pass Card and Visa. In fact, you must have a credit card to be able to rent, but the driver is not required to be the bearer of the credit card (in this case, both persons must sign the rental contract).

  • Is there a difference between paying with cash or credit card?

    No. Same rates exactly.

  • Are there any special credit card payment plans?

    No, unless your credit card was issued in Uruguay.

  • Are there any promotions, special rates or discounts?

    Depending on the season and the duration of the rental you will be able to benefit from our special rates and promotions.

  • How do you apply the discounts that you mention?

    All discounts apply only to basic rates. They do not apply for optionals.

  • Do you have diesel cars?

    Except for the 12-passenger minibuses, almost all of our diesel vehicles are rented on monthly or yearly bases to Corporate Clients. The fleet available for the general public use unleaded gasoline.

    Most of our Economy vehicles have a very low fuel consumption, giving you adequate power for normal city or road use. You will surely find them to be convenient.

  • Do you have automatic transmission cars?

    Vehicles with automatic transmissions are the exception in Uruguay. To find the available vehicles with automatic transmissions please check the automatic gearbox vehicles page.

  • May I authorize an additional driver?

    Yes. We allow up to 2 additional drivers per vehicle (one-time charge of USD 10 per driver).

  • What is an additional driver?

    An additional driver is anyone different from the person who pays for the rent (main driver), who has the right to drive the vehicle.

    Additional drivers must be registered. Otherwise, in case of an accident, if a non-authorized person was driving the rented vehicle (except in case of robbery), the insurance coverage would be void, and the main driver would be liable for every damage.

    To register an additional driver, he/she must be present when the rent contract is filled. Also, he/she must comply with the same requirements as the main driver.

  • Can I rent a vehicle not included in the usual fleet?

    To rent a vehicle not included in our usual fleet follow these steps:
    - go to Custom Rates
    - at the "Vehicle" field select "Special Vehicle"
    - describe it in the "Comments" field.

    We will confirm availability as soon as possible.

  • How many kilometers/miles do your vehicles have?

    The exact amount of kilometers/miles of the vehicle you will be renting cannot be calculated beforehand because it varies greatly in every vehicle (we have hundreds). In a weekend, a customer may drive 150km (94 miles), but another one may drive over 1000km (625 miles).

    What we can assure you is that almost all of our vehicles are no more than two years old, and all of them are in optimum conditions.

  • Where can I pick-up my car? Can I have it waiting at the airport?

    You can pick it up at any of our agencies, at any bus station, port or airport in Uruguay, or at your preferred hotel. No extra charges apply, except at Montevideo's airport, where a USD 10 surcharge is added for pick-ups or drop-offs.

  • How will I find you when I arrive to the airport, port or bus terminal?

    We will be waiting for you at the Arrivals Area, with a card with your name on it.

    If your flight, ship or bus arrival time changes unexpectedly, please call 099-660-959 from Uruguay, or+598-99-660-959 from the rest of the World, 24 hours a day. We will change the pick-up time according to your convenience.

  • Can I pick-up my car at a certain Multicar Agency and return it at another? Are there any additional costs?

    No extra charges apply if you return the vehicle at a Multicar agency located in the same State. If this was not the case, an additional charge will be applied, depending on the distance between the agencies.

  • Can I cross Uruguay's border with the car?

    No. Insurance restrictions and customs regulations forbid any of our vehicles from leaving Uruguay.

  • What should I do in case of emergency?

    Contact us at any of the numbers that you will be given when renting the vehicle. This can be done 24 hours a day, from any part of the country, 365 days a year. We will be there in no time. In case of a mechanical problem we will fix it on-site or give you another vehicle.

  • How much fuel will I have in my car?

    All our vehicles are delivered with at least 1/4 of the fuel tank full.

    The fuel level will be stated in the contract you will sign. When returning your vehicle the fuel level must be similar. Otherwise, extra charges may apply.