Our History

Established since April 10th 1989, with over 20 years’ experience, Multicar Rent-A-Car is a leading company in the market that has been witness of a rapid growth during the years. From one store and 15 cars it now has several branches in different cities in throughout the country, repair shops (more than 5000sqm), on the road assistance and the most important rental fleet in Uruguay, with a wide range of makes and car types.

This rapid development has been possible due to a solid financial stability, appropriate commercial strategies and most of all thanks to our continued concern to improve our services. We owe this to all the people that have made us a leading company, to everyone that has day after day deposited their trust in us, because car rental is not just about numbers, it´s about creating a relationship based in trust and respect, a mix of sensations, a bond between people that we try to permanently boost.

And it is because of those people that in 1997 we created multicar.com. We wish that renting a vehicle and planning your holidays in Uruguay is an easy and simple thing to do. We work to save you time that you can use to enjoy with your family and friends, get to walk around and enjoy your favorite activities.

Multicar Rent-A-Car has the authorization of the Uruguayan Ministry of Tourism (you can check our registry information here).

Get to know us, build a corporate relationship, work with us or take advantage of the benefits that Multicar Rent-A-Car has for you.