The only car rental company in Uruguay with ISO 9001:2015 approved Quality Standards.

Quality recognition in Business Management Processes

In compliance with the UNIT ISO 9001:2015 standards Multicar Rent-A-Car obtained a certification for its Business Management Processes towards the end of 2021 being this a management guide based on the general principles of quality, considering the effectiveness and efficiency of the executed processes, client satisfaction, the staff involvement and expertise.

The above mentioned certification comprises the preventive maintenance of vehicle fleet.

The processes defined by the company are among others:

  • Purchase of vehicles and spare parts
  • Procurement of repair shops in the provinces
  • Servicing the fleet in company owned repair shops
  • Continuous personnel training Client satisfaction

For each of these processes Multicar Rent-A-Car has defined and evaluated systems in regards to its efficiency and effectiveness.

Within the scope of continuous improvement of processes and quality, Multicar Rent-A-Car continues working to define strategic management plans for the coming years, including specific objectives to achieve and emphasizing in quality management issues.

Our Quality Policy

Achieve the constant improvement of the company’s management offering the best service we can at a reasonable price, anticipating the market changes in an effort to satisfy our customer’s needs, with the assistance of our staff that is involved with these principles and have the required qualifications to achieve all this. All within the current legal settings.


Tourist Services Provider registered with the Ministry of Tourism